Charcuterie Board assembly and photoshoot

I’ve been wanting to assemble and shoot a cheese/charcuterie board for a while now. When hubby and I do a cheese and cured meats dinner, it’s usually super unglam and eaten out of the containers they get bought in.

Since my food photography has taken a more serious turn, I’ve been pushing myself to try different things, and styling and shooting a charcuterie and cheese board was definitely on that list.

There are many things I wish I had done better (including shooting this on a white instead of black background and going for an airier instead of a lusher look). But personally, I’m pleased at pulling off something passable, and it’s always a learning experience for the next one.


After perusing the web for a quick lowdown of platter assembly (@cheesebynumbers on Instagram was especially helpful), it looked like the order of assembly tended towards the following:

  1. Big stuff first
  2. Meats second
  3. Everything else popped in between to fill up the entirety of the platter

Using those steps as a general guide seemed to have resulted in a fairly pleasant looking platter!

More images from the shoot:

Total cost of pictured platter: Just under $50 at Woolworths Supermarket.

Shoot details:

  • 3/4 angle shoot on tripod
  • Overheads done handheld as practice (I usually use an overhead tripod arm)
  • Camera: Olympus EM1 Mark II
  • Lens: Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 PRO at varying lengths (super versatile this one!)
  • Lighting: Side lighting using a single speedlight mounted in an octa softbox. Foam board on the opposite side as fill.
  • Image details: ISO200, 1/250 secs, F8 for overheads and F5 for 3/4 shots. Focal lengths varying, but wide for overhead, and 40 mm for 3/4s.
  • Editing: Some tweaking in Lightroom, mainly to tone down highlights on the cheddar, and to bring out the shadows and darker tones for contrast. In all, it ended up quite Christmassy looking.

And no, the dog didn’t get any. I forgot I actually gave her a teeny bit of cheddar.

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