Marumo – notoriously hard to secure a booking, but worth it when you do

Marumo is one of Perth’s best degustation restaurants, and its price tag of $70 per person makes eating there even more of a coveted experience. Securing a booking there has become a monumentally difficult task, as bookings are only released every few months and tend to be booked out within the first minute or so of being released.

As a case in point, I finally succeeded in securing a booking for two for August… in April. And this is after many months and years of failing to secure a booking by just missing the booking window by a minute or two.

Marumo started out as a fish and chip shop in the suburb of Leeming many years ago, where by night, the chippy shop transformed into a Japanese restaurant serving omakase – a tasting menu where your dishes are completely up to the chef.

In the beginning, chef and owner Chef Moe Oo worked the kitchen solo, while his wife ran front-of-house. Within months, word of high quality Japanese seven-course omakase meal at $50 per head spread like wildfire. Chef Moe hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Marumo has moved from its humble beginnings to a beautiful little restaurant in the leafy suburb of Nedlands. Chef Moe now exclusively does omakase, and the restaurant has a full staff. The cost is now $70 a head but is still value for money given the quality and tastiness of the food.

The menu changes often, and when I was last there in August, these were the dishes being served:

The complimentary starter – a clam salad.


First course – Margaret River Beef and Apple


This course was a wonderful way to start, with the tender beef complemented by the soft apple pieces and what appeared to be fried garlic bits sprinkled on top. It hit all the spots of crunchy, sweet and salty all at once.


Second course – Fremantle Octopus and Soba

This dish was one of the highlights of the night. The soba was topped off with puffed lentils, giving the tip of the dish a crunchy texture. Combined with the umami sauce and octopus pieces, this was very pleasurable with every bite.


Third course – Winter Melon, Mushroom and Cauliflower

The dish looks like a sandy foamy beach, and the veggie elements were surprisingly meaty. Who knew winter melon could taste so hearty once fried tempura-style.

Fourth course – Chef’s selection of sashimi

So fresh. So good. Can’t argue with fresh, good quality sashimi-grade seafood and actual grated wasabi.

Fifth course – Tasmanian Salmon Belly Sushi


As a palette cleanser, yuzu sorbet was served next


Sixth course – Duck, Edamame and Carrot


Final course – Beetroot, Green Tea and Yuzu

The verdict:

Always fantastic, and probably tastes all that much better due to how hard it is to secure a spot.

Address: Chelsea Village, 22/145 Stirling Hwy Nedlands 6009 WA

Phone: 0431 040 899

Bookings: Keep an eye out on their website for booking release dates, and make sure you have your dates and numbers ready to go the moment the booking window opens.

Please note that each seating lasts 3 hours, perfect for a long and leisurely meal.

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