Fremantle’s other cafe strip

When most people in Perth think about Fremantle’s cappuccino strip, they think about that touristy section of South Terrace near the Fremantle Markets. Gino’s is the first cafe that comes to mind. It is a Fremantle institution where tourists and locals alike sip their flat whites and eat cheesecake as they partake in the alfresco cafe culture, just like how the Europeans do it. But if you really think about it, do any other cafes beside Gino’s really come to mind?

Okay, so there’s a Dome, but you didn’t really go to Fremantle to visit a chain cafe you can find in Singapore, did you?

Fremantle’s cappuccino strip has plenty of interesting things to offer, but if a whole string of independent cafes located on one street was what you had in mind instead, why not check out Fremantle’s other lesser known cafe strip?

Just a little bit further away from the heart of Fremantle itself is the suburb of South Fremantle. You can find its cafe strip on the southern side of South Street, also on South Terrace. It is home to several independent cafes that serve fantastic coffee and do interesting things with their food.

The cafes

Ootong and Lincoln’s interior is rustic, with its weathered wood and recycled antique furniture giving the place a bustling seaside shack vibe. They are cyclist-friendly, and the tricycle mounted on their wall inside signals their bike tribe solidarity. Everything they serve is made on site, and they even have a little provedore pantry where you can buy that jam you just had on your toast.

Little Lefroy’s sits in a heritage-listed building, with a stylish exterior and beautiful interior. The fantastic coffee served here hails from Yahava Koffeeworks, a boutique coffee roaster in Margaret River, and their food is hearty and delicious. You will be spoiled for choice here even if you have dietary restrictions.

Port City Roasters is as their name suggests, a coffee roaster. Their building is part warehouse, part cafe, and their gigantic alfresco area is very welcoming to creatures of the two-legged or four-legged variety. Service is friendly, but the cooking standard has been hit and miss recently.

Abhi’s Bread is a bakery as well as a cafe that specialises in organic sourdough loaves. But that’s not all you can find here, with bread, pastries and cakes among their various offerings.

Manna Wholefoods is a one-stop-shop for healthy and sustainable living. They sell a great range of healthy, organic produce, fridge and pantry staples,  health supplements, bokashi composting bins and even books. More importantly, to make it onto this list, they are also a cafe that serves really tasty food. You can do your weekly shop here, and still fit in a really healthy meal during your visit.

Other stuff

The South Fremantle cafe strip is much quieter than the main cappuccino strip, but that’s also part of its charm. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll, have a long brunch, visit small and quirky businesses along the way and really get to appreciate Fremantle’s unique character. There’s even an art gallery as well as a bookstore with large loungey couches along the strip.

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And if you’re a visitor looking to stay in Fremantle, but aren’t a fan of the noise in the main town centre, there are various backpacker and homestay places littered along the strip, along with a laundromat so you don’t have to worry about running out of clothes to wear.

How to get there

The free blue CAT bus travels to and from this strip from the Fremantle station every 10 minutes.

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