Eat Drink Edinburgh – Breakfast, Hogs and Eating In

Edinburgh isn’t all just pubs.

We found a fantastic breakfast place, and even managed to eat in for a few meals to save £££.


Breakfast – The Edinburgh Larder

Due to jet lag, we kept waking up at ridiculously early hours in Edinburgh. I was up at 4 am, and by the time The Edinburgh Larder opened at 8 am, it was totally time for brunch for me.

The Edinburgh Larder was quite well reviewed across the internet and can be found off the Royal Mile on Blackfriars Street.

The interior is cozy and totally Instagrammable.

The kitchen is small and a two man/woman workspace, but it’s more than enough to crank out good food.

Good food like the Larder full breakfast (£11.95).

… and more good food like the Larder veggie breakfast (£9.95)

Even the coffee was good! I ordered a flat white, and it came out quite pleasant (speaking as someone who loves her Aussie flat whites).

I found it quite interesting how different the food tasted from the same things we get in Perth. The baked beans are beanier. The bacon, sausage and mushroom all taste familiar, and yet not quite the same. A different environment and different animal feed really does end up affecting the flavour of the produce quite significantly.




Random lunch – Oink Hog Roast, Canongate

When we were in Edinburgh, Oink Hog Roast seemed to have a chain on every other street and is apparently famous for their pulled pork sandwiches. We finally had a chance to visit the branch on the Royal Mile itself right after our visit to Her Majesty’s actual palace in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, it wasn’t summer, so the Queen herself wasn’t currently in residence (because of course, Scotland is way too cold at every time of the year except summer).

The rolls come in three sizes – piglet (80g), oink (160g) and grunter (250g).

I ended up ordering the Oink in a white bread roll (I’m on holiday – brown bread can wait) with haggis stuffing and mustard mayo.

The roll comes with a little diamond of crackle on top!

On the way out, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the roast pig in the window!



Because we stayed in an apartment hotel with a kitchenette, we were able to cook and heat up some of our own meals to help save money. That was quite helpful as the airfare cost to the UK is quite eye-watering, even when it is discounted.

For some dinners, we ended up buying pre-cooked, pre-packed dinners from Marks & Spencers. They were 3 for £10 and could be heated up in a microwave or an oven.

The taste of those meals ended ranging from meh to not bad depending what was picked up. The lamb dish we picked was way too lean and dry, while the fish dish was surprisingly tasty.

For breakfast one day, we ended up buying a breakfast pack, also from Marks & Spencers for £1. It contained two normal sausages, a square sausage, a black pudding and bacon. Served with a can of baked beans for around £1 as well, this ended up being a very cheap and very filling breakfast for the both of us.

And when the Asian cravings called, we even found an Asian grocer while wandering around the Old Town area, and I totally bought Shin Ramyun cup noodle for a snack/light lunch.


Overall, we found food in Edinburgh quite affordable and quite fresh! That was a stark contrast to the cost of eating out in London as we were to discover a few days later, and made us miss Edinburgh all the more.


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