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Neho Asian Tapas is one of hubby’s and my favourite places to eat at. When friends and family from overseas come to visit, this is one of our usual go-to places to take them.

The place used to be called Chingrish until they changed their name due to naming right issues – turns out there was another place of the same name over east (of Australia) and they couldn’t use the name. The decor still reflects the spirit of it’s original name, with signs in both Chinese and really bad English translations – always good for a chuckle when bringing visitors there.

Now, Neho just means “How are you?” in what sounds like a choppy version of Cantonese.

Neho is part of a steady stable of eateries serving Aussie/Asian fusion cuisine sweeping across Australia in the last few years. The food is a nice blend of Asian (especially South East Asian) flavours with Modern Australian sensibilities. If you want a place that showcases a melting pot of the various regional influences in and around Perth, you’ve come to the right place at Neho.

For me, these dishes are the must-tries on their menu:

Mushi Tacos

Mushi Tacos - Neho Asian Tapas

Mushi Tacos – Neho Asian Tapas

I am not a fan of tacos, and the very first time I ordered it, it was mainly to cater to hubby who is more of the mushroom and taco guy. But when the dish arrived, it was love at first bite. The earthiness of the truffle and mushroom medley is complemented by the freshness of the micro herbs and the very subtle but pleasant jalapeno and edamame sour cream and aromatic parmesan cheese. All this topped with a teriyaki balsamic vinegar sauce that cuts right through the mellow and the earthy flavours, making the flavour pop with every mouthful. I have never had a meal at Neho since without ordering this dish.

Tea Smoked Duck

Tea Smoked Duck - Neho Asian Tapas

Tea Smoked Duck – Neho Asian Tapas

Eat it like Peking duck, but with the soft, smoked slices of the smoked duck meat instead of crispy duck skin in the pancake. Tip – don’t eat this after you have another dish with a really strong flavour like the beef rendang, because it will drown out the delicate flavours of the duck.

Thai BBQ Pork

Thai BBQ Pork - Neho Asian Tapas

Thai BBQ Pork – Neho Asian Tapas

This dish is a recent discovery for us, as we have never ordered it until our last visit, and boy, did I wish I had ordered it sooner. The BBQ pork tastes just like satay, the kind you get at a smokey street-side hawker stall back in Malaysia or Singapore. The veggies are mixed in rojak paste, and the combination of flavours is so strongly evocative of my childhood back home. * cries of homesickness *

We didn’t end up photographing our food during this visit. 🙁

This is another dish I would never usually order myself, because I have food prejudices that frequently and pleasantly get shattered, just like in this very instance. This was ordered towards the end of last year when taking a visiting friend out to eat. This dish was a revelation, for it looked very plain at first glance, but as we started picking at it, we discovered that it’s actually a very textural dish, layered together with the softness of the seafood, the smoothness of the oh-so-delicate tang hoon (glass noodles) and the crispiness of the various veggies in the dish. The flavours were fresh, tangy, sweet and salty all the same time, and just worked really well together.


Also no photographs 🙁

Very flavoursome for rice balls, and you can really taste all the distinct flavours of the kimchee, cheese, mayo and rice. Despite all the flavours popping out individually, they all end up working together harmoniously.

Rendang Short Ribs

Also no photographs 🙁

This is not your mum’s rendang. To be honest, when I first had this dish, I didn’t enjoy it as much. The serving is actually really big, so don’t over order if you’re getting this! Being just the two of us eating at the first time we ordered this, hubby and I ended up feeling quite jelat (that disgusting feeling when you overate something too rich) after a while. Then a few months later, we went with more people ended up ordering this dish to share. Not over-eating this time, something just clicked – this is not a rendang as we understand it (mainly because it hasn’t been rendang-ed – slow cooked until the meat is caramelised). Instead, it is a loving interpretation of the original dish and its flavours. and works wonderfully for what it is – lovely slow roasted beef ribs slathered in a flavourful, rich creamy curry.


Pandacotta - Neho Asian Tapas

Pandacotta – Neho Asian Tapas

This is HANDS DOWN the best dessert I have ever had. No contest. The pandan and gula melaka in the panna cotta is a traditional flavour combination – you get your expected fragrance and sweetness. But when you mix the flavours with the salty biscuit crumble and the sharp flavour of the lime coconut granita, this dessert really transcends onto a whole new flavour plane.

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Instagram: @neho_perth
Location: 249 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100

BYO: Nope. Alcohol available.

Opening Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue-Thu: 5:30pm- 9:30pm
Fri – Sat: Lunch 12pm – 3pm; Dinner 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Sun: 5:30pm – 9:30pm

How to book?
Phone: (08) 6110 1631
On website via Quandoo widget
Or online via Quandoo

Anything else to watch out for?
1.5 % surcharge for Visa or Mastercard. I’m not that much a fan of this bit. And no AMEX.

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