Uber Eats Delivery Fee in metro and suburban areas

This is something everyone has probably already figured out if you use Uber Eats – they have two different delivery fees depending on where you live in Perth:

  • $5 for Perth Metro and it’s surrounds
  • $6.95 for the outer suburbs

I haven’t been able to find any data on this at all, and a previous report on Perthnow advises that these fees are due to distance, but a quick test on the app proves otherwise, where selecting a random address next to a suburban Uber Eats partner store still brings up the higher charges (Cockburn area), and selecting a store far away from a metro location (Wembley area) still brings up the $5 charge.

So to clear it all up, I sent a message to Uber Eats support and asked them this:

To which they replied:

I guess that’s fair! The city metro area has a higher concentration of customers and restaurants, providing the probability and potential for a delivery driver to earn more.

However, with higher density living on the rise outside of the city area, what happens if a “suburban area” reaches the customer to restaurant ratio of the city areas? It would be interesting to see if Uber decides the lower the prices then.

This is what the Uber Eats Perth FAQ page tells us:

It is true that the fees for Uber Eats are transparent at the point of booking, but I do find the method of how these fees are set, and where exactly they apply could stand to be a little more transparent.

Uber has to balance the cost of doing business with the cost of attracting business, and it’s not for a single $2 McDouble delivery (although the data released by Uber suggests someone actually did it). In the suburbs, Uber Eats has to compete with MenuLog, which doesn’t have a delivery fee, but does have a minimum spend, depending on the restaurant itself.

Will I use Uber Eats again? I have and I probably will for the sheer convenience (and novelty, which has worn off), but not for a single meal that costs the same or less than the delivery fee.

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