Winging baked Camembert

Winging baked Camembert

I love the free recipe magazines from Coles and Woolworths. Sure it helps them sell their products by showing their customers how make yummy dishes out of what they can buy off their supermarket shelves, and it absolutely works for me. There are however no guarantees I actually buy the product from them in the end (I ended up getting the camembert for the below Coles recipe from Woolies instead).

One of the recipes I recently tried was the baked Camembert that featured prominently on the 5th page of the Coles Magazine December 2017 edition.

Just looking at that spread made my mouth water. When I flipped the page, the imagery stayed with me, and in my mind, I could taste the gooey cheesy goodness coated with cherry and honey.


I had already reached home by the time I decided to attempt this dish for dinner, so a quick walk to my local Woolies filled in the camembert gap. Inspired by the spread above, I then laid out the cheese on baking paper, slathered it in honey and glazed cherries and sprinkled some walnuts over it and put it in the oven to bake.

And then I re-read the instructions, which clearly said to wrap the cheese in baking paper, and do the cherries separately. I also forgot the rosemary. Instead of using fresh cherries, I used glazed cherries. OOPS.

The takeaway for me here is to always read the complete recipe before attempting anything, even if instructions are one paragraph in a tiny text box!

But guess what? It turned out okay! Great even, and was still bloody delicious. The cheese still exploded in wonderful gooey glory, mixing with the crunchy, honey-soaked walnuts along with now much drier and candied cherries. It could have definitely been better, and that’s what next time is for.

Baked Camembert

Surround it with crackers and charcuterie and crack open a bottle of wine, and that became the perfect dinner to graze on while watching yet another lush episode of The Crown on Netflix

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